bulletin: radio dreams film sweeps international awards


we are proud to have been involved in such a marvelous production… here is just a short list of the many awards received by the amazing team behind radio dreams’ feature film. it was our pleasure to work on the poster and identity elements with such a talented group. we congratulate them on their efforts. to see the finished work please click on the link below.

View finished work


bulletin: does luxury matter to the mass market? a seminar by ucef hanjani


excerpts: a three minute clip from the two hour speech given by our co-founder ucef hanjani.

does luxury matter to the mass market? if so, how? as top luxury brands continue to reassert their position by raising prices and moving into what we refer to as uber luxury, the masstige brands have begun to capitalize on the vacuum this shift has brought to the market. the “no man’s land” is where you do not want to find yourself. here’s a look at ceft and company’s co-founder and executive creative director, ucef hanjani’s, commissioned seminar on the state of luxury and its influence on the masstige market. the marketing speech, which spanned across four hours with two hours of it dedicated to the speech and an hour to Q&A’s and introductions, will be available for viewing on the content section of our website in the near future. in the meantime, here is a short three minute clip from the marketing seminar with an additional link to another section of the seminar, available here.