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the bad: when is this celebrity thing over?


jennifer lopez historic campaign for louis vuitton.

we are sure, many of you have uttered these very words. the opinion leaders at the tip of our very tall pyramid, have been carrying this sentiment for years now. but the answer, fortunately or unfortunately, is that “it ‘aint exactly over yet”. that said the faux-gloss of celebrity endorsements, be it for fragrances or fashion or food, are fading fast. this is the new-wave, even amongst the general market, where the tendency is moving towards reason and rational for loyalty and not just a celebrity name attached to some random brand. laundering uninspiring products and generically scented perfumes, backed by cliche adverting visuals (celebrity head-shots next to product A) was never the smart way to build a brand nor consumer loyalty. tempting as it was for its short term gains, read more