the bad: fake followers, paid content pandering and how to navigate them all…

it’s a gold rush out there, but with very little gold. yes, granted we do live in a time where truths matter little and brand integrity has taken a back seat. where the same plastic faces appear to endorse horribly unwanted mass brands as well as the top luxury brands, where brand character and brand distinction has become a great fog. but as long as consumers are responding why should we care? well, as everything does, they will change too, what we should care about is… read more


the bad: or is it? the saint laurent SS17 advertising

it’s not because of what you think… saint laurent is getting a lot of heat from all fronts for their latest SS17 ads photographed by our beloved inez and vinoodh. they are not so terrible because of what they are trying to say… they are just terrible because of what they are not saying… but fashion was never the place to have a dialog (unless you speak to rei kawakubo, or martin margiela or maybe the crew at threeasfour). fashion originally made things that looked “different” or at least that was the plan at some point – even that has faded to a sea-of-sameness, draped-over the same pseudo celebrity suspects who are “famous for all the nothings they have done”. anthony vaccarello of saint laurent wasn’t trying to be demeaning to women, neither was inez and vinoodh, they made pictures that were beautifully composed but with out purpose or meaning or any thought. they say nothing about the brand or the industry, or women as a whole. they are meaningless fodder – you can reject them but no need to sensor them, because if we do that, then where do we stop? the sad part of all this, is that brands have an opportunity to stand for something beyond just selling their ‘stuff’… and every brand has to ask themselves, what do we stand for?


Bulletin: planning your next social media campaign? be sure the federal trade commission doesn’t get on your case.


great idea, but unfortunately against the law… “paying influencers to promote your product (on social media, instagram, etc) without disclosure of such to the public can be considered a breach of federal trade commission guidelines.” case: lord and taylor vs federal trade commission…” in the heat of today’s social-media-frenzy, it is important to understand what laws apply, at least in the US market. this nugget was shared with us by our legal advisors during a recent project, and once again confirms that while many things appear simple, doing them… read more


the bad: when is this celebrity thing over?


jennifer lopez historic campaign for louis vuitton.

we are sure, many of you have uttered these very words. the opinion leaders at the tip of our very tall pyramid, have been carrying this sentiment for years now. but the answer, fortunately or unfortunately, is that “it ‘aint exactly over yet”. that said the faux-gloss of celebrity endorsements, be it for fragrances or fashion or food, are fading fast. this is the new-wave, even amongst the general market, where the tendency is moving towards reason and rational for loyalty and not just a celebrity name attached to some random brand. laundering uninspiring products and generically scented perfumes, backed by cliche adverting visuals (celebrity head-shots next to product A) was never the smart way to build a brand nor consumer loyalty. tempting as it was for its short term gains, read more