the good: extraordinary skincare with out compromise and on any budget

“cheap & chic”. we always loved moschino (the fashion retailers) tagline which they unfortunately discarded. it said it all, with out apology, and with resilience. the ordinary skincare is an evolution of just that… nothing to hide, and no need to boast… but unfortunately for moschino that was not the market at large. everything was (and perhaps still is) gold, everything was “more”, everything was not what it appeared to be, it was (and perhaps still is) all rather fake… or is it?

there had to be a pendulum swing, and its come to us from our good old neighbors… $8 to $15 USD per sku, organic, fully disclosed ingredients, no pretense and made not in china or bangladesh, but in canada… we are very happy to welcome them, and well done guys. our only criticism is that they offer you a plastic carry bag on check out. how about a cotton hobo bag with the words “yes, i am ordinary” to spread the word, make people think and put a stake in the ground? god speed people…


the good: moncler genius collaboration with designer craig green

moncler’s collaboration with british designer craig green, out in stores next week, has already made a huge impact on moncler’s perception. putting it up there as a serious player amongst the design greats. the collection is artful, bold, and yes impracticable. the value of this collab is not to be measured on the actual items sold but what it has done for the brand in its totality. while limited items from collection will be sought after the real value will come from the halo effect this has brought to moncler across all its lines. well done.


ceft criswell # 01 of a series : facts from the future

we often discuss markets and trends in our offices and more-often-than-not we are quite right about the predictions we make. so here we are, number 1 in a series of “ceft facts from the future,” each set predicting 3 things that may be awaiting us all in the future to come:

1- in the future… and we mean the near future, space vacations and mars travel fascination will have a strong impact on fashion and styles. not unlike the 60’s, the next decade will see a spike read more


the good: little big things

supreme metro cards caused lines at the machines and sold out in less time than you can say “empire states”, but then again, supreme can sell a brick if they put their name on it…  actually they already sold those bricks for $30. but this one takes the cake; smart, appropriate, and dead-on DNA marketing for a brand that claims to, not only, own the streets of NYC but also the underground. this was a perfect collaboration between MTA and supreme new york, where both sides are destined to gain grounds. the NY tourism board and MTA can surely feel a bit cooler today (if they only knew what supreme was), and supreme can now claim to own NYC, at least the underground. that’s equivalent to going to london and getting a fred perry graced tube ticket, you’d save that ticket! supreme may not have gained much consumer sales out of this but that was not the main point, this was surely a brilliant and inexpensive branding coup. this is one of those rare moments where we say; “we wish we had done that.” well done boys.


the good: the future is pop-up


magnum ice cream pop up store soho – new york.

how do you justify securing a massive prime space, in soho new york to launch… absolutely nothing new? brand positioning, that’s how. apparently this has done so well that magnum extended the 6 month program, originally planned to end in early august, to remain in soho till the end of 2016. at $7 an ice cream bar, we reckon they are at least breaking even, and if they are not, then they must be quite happy with the marketing results. the pop up bars launched all across the country are not to support any breakthrough launch, as magnum ice cream has been around since 1989, but rather created to remind the consumers who they are and “how they feel”. we must confess, they are doing that very well. we suppose our predictions in our earlier post are beginning to become reality.