Archive: June 2014

OUR WORK: change the way you love your music


vidFlow is your single source for curated HD music video playlists online. available on desktop, ios devices and android, the app streams over 80,000 music videos in an interface that is fast and easy to use. we developed the visual identity and designed the user experience (UI and UX) of the apps and website.

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INSPIRATIONS: hiroshi sugimoto’s lake superior


the ever-present seascapes continue to inspire us into the deep end. hermes collaborated with sugimoto in the creation of a series of limited edition scarves bearing his color polaroids. above, the lake superior stands still for all eternity. the central theme of sugimoto’s work, capturing time, provides the defining principle of his ongoing series, including “dioramas” (1976–), “theaters” (1978–), and “seascapes” (1980–). we are big fans.


INTERVIEWS: ucef hanjani talks to stefan sagmeister on design


ucef hanjani: does design = communication? stefan sagmeister: no. not all design needs to communicate. not everything needs to tell a story. not every designer is a storyteller, despite many claims to the contrary.

uh: does design need ideas? why? ss: an idea is a new way of approach… evolution designed us so that we develop, that we grow, this is the reason why we find ideas pleasurable. as a viewer, if i see something i have not seen before, i experience the sensation/emotion of surprise. surprise might be the best strategy when it comes to communications where we can count on the attention of a viewer only for a short period of time. read more