the good: little big things

supreme metro cards caused lines at the machines and sold out in less time than you can say “empire states”, but then again, supreme can sell a brick if they put their name on it…  actually they already sold those bricks for $30. but this one takes the cake; smart, appropriate, and dead-on DNA marketing for a brand that claims to, not only, own the streets of NYC but also the underground. this was a perfect collaboration between MTA and supreme new york, where both sides are destined to gain grounds. the NY tourism board and MTA can surely feel a bit cooler today (if they only knew what supreme was), and supreme can now claim to own NYC, at least the underground. that’s equivalent to going to london and getting a fred perry graced tube ticket, you’d save that ticket! supreme may not have gained much consumer sales out of this but that was not the main point, this was surely a brilliant and inexpensive branding coup. this is one of those rare moments where we say; “we wish we had done that.” well done boys.