BULLETIN: trailer for the restored transfer of ‘the hero’s end’ an early short film by ucef hanjani

connect with us on instagram to be updated on the preview dates for this short film to be shown in manhattan this coming summer. the film was produced under ceft films prior to ceft and company even existing as a company. perhaps the dream was always there? this was a personal undertaking funded by hanjani’s very first commercial projects, “i suppose i was insuring that the money i had made, was spent somewhere worthy, and not on drinks and clothing alone…” hanjani recalls.

excerpts from – over-sensitivity : “…films can deploy a diegetic time that is shorter than the one to be expected… meetings that are supposed to take place at a specific future date (but) take place on-time later in the film as they did in robbe-grillet’s ‘last year at marienbaud”. but films… can also deploy a time that is no longer than what the character experiences… time that affects the character only in the over modality (as in hanjani’s the hero’s end).”

excerpts from  – swyer theater review “…one man’s obsessive examination of his past love and desires, and his banal present routine. juvenile thoughts of heroism through murder, crime, sex and philosophy are triggered by his surroundings and offset by his memories.”