inspirations: why brands should close their flagship stores and focus on pop-up installations


at ceft and company, along with our clients, we are constantly engaged in developing innovative ideas that break the conventions of standard marketing. be it our social media event for net-a-porter, our direct marketing efforts for white house black market, or all our press generation efforts for nike. our approach has always been to assess the end goals, and challenge the conventional means of getting there. here’s why brands…should consider closing their doors and focusing on pop-up installations instead: today, with the advent of online shopping and industry leaders such as net-a-porter, the whole notion of “a physical store” comes into our cross-hairs. we can foresee a future where most brands would exchange the high cost of real estate and staff, for added value propositions like free delivery, and exclusive packaging and augment the consumers need for physical contact by utilizing pop-up locations during key months of the year. for a moment, consider design within reach, or the chloé store in soho. an alternative to a store lease would allow the brands to create innovative, interactive and exciting pop-up stores during key dates (i.e. fashion week, pre-holidays, art week, etc.). the brands will be able to cover a range of locations to target and engage various audiences, increasing and decreasing the frequency as the market demands it. in addition this will allow each brand to create press and news, and incorporate customized interactivity and social media components into their efforts… all of this for a fraction of the cost of a stationary location and the ability to maximize the impact and assert the novelty of each hour of their presence.